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The Best Infrastructure for Network Security

The healthcare solutions we implement help people in healthcare simplify and securely transform their organization to improve outcomes. We securely connect patients, doctors, and processes to increase access, quality of care, efficiency, and security.

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Collaboration Security Connectivity Implementation & Support

A Secure Network Solution that Transforms Your healthcare

Want to improve communication and collaboration by eliminating distance?

Cisco Webex Teams

Make it easier to communicate and collaborate despite geography or time zones.
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Does your network have a first line of defense?

Cisco Umbrella

Protect patient and healthcare data systems with a secure internet gateway.
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Need a Security Product that's Easy to Deploy and Manage?

Cisco Meraki

Use the zero-touch deployment that has easy centralized management.

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Need an adaptive solution to help with compliance, scheduling, and implementation?

Evolve NX

Partner with a managed services provider that can adapt your solution to your needs.
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Evolve NX and Cisco Webex Teams make it easy for healthcare workers and organizations to meet compliance guidelines, plan their scheduling, and integrate with other systems such as Epic. You can also improve care and productivity by eliminating distance as a barrier to treating patients and reduce costs associated with medical education and application training.

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Easy to deploy and manage, Cisco Umbrella is a cloud-delivered secure internet gateway that can protect any device. Cisco Umbrella provides healthcare security and compliance solutions that safeguard patients, medical devices, and data from cybersecurity threats.

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Migrating from an on-premises I.T. stack to cloud-managed I.T. is one way providers have found success in confronting these challenges head-on. With more patient data available now than ever before, healthcare providers have to deal with a number of challenges, including security incidents, process challenges, architecture issues, limited correlation capabilities, and a lack of threat visibility.

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Evolve Your IT

Evolve NX is an integrated network solution that gives healthcare providers real-time visibility so they can control their network with a simplified management system from a single dashboard.  Empower your organization to have the technologies to focus on managing all devices with a simple comprehensive policy and identity and provides you with 24/7 help desk support.

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Replace complexity with simplicity, and customize an I.T. solution that works best for your business.